2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

In early 2014 Honda will in the American market launch new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid. Honda’s PHEV unit consist of two electric motors that will be paired with the iVTEC engine cycle 2.0 liters, while the power transmitted to the front wheels. From Honda said that the starting price of the model will be $ 37.980.


New 2014 Honda Accord plug-in comes with an impressive number of features, while the safety and comfort guaranteed, so that the new Honda Accord is very attractive luxury car that sometimes runs on batteries. The interior is comfortable and cozy with adequate space for five passengers. The technology inside is impressive and decorated with a huge touchscreen.


Perhaps to someone this model Honda Accord look strange, because we have to admit that the Honda designers gave himself and perhaps too much freedom when designing this car, all in order to plug-in version be different from his brothers. But this is certainly not something to reject people from buying this car because Honda plug-in will reach an estimated 115 MPGe with just electric drive up to 13 miles. A two engines is something brand new from Honda, however, the engineers have done their work perfectly, so this car will definitely be a magnet for customers. Although it is plug-in model skeptics probably think that this car will also be quite slow when it comes to acceleration, but Honda will have to disappointed them, because when you want this car comes with great force.


If you can afford the price of this car and past over it’s new design, then you certainly can imagine yourself in this car. The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In is a promising newcomer that deserves your attention.


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