2014 Toyota Sienna

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is not significantly different from the previous model, however, the choice of equipment will be expanded. This car is the right choice for you if you’re a fan minivan vehicles. 2014 Toyota Sienna is likely to remain a conventionally sized minivan available with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine and all-wheel-age season. And along with the Honda Odyssey, however, should not be the only minivan capable of seating eight passengers.

Toyota Sienna -2013-2

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid will be equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine with 266 horsepower, and Sienna range starts at $ 26,450. Toyota has unveiled a truly fuel-efficient model for the Sienna range, to fill an obvious hole in the minivan market efficiency.

Toyota Sienna -2013-3

Toyota says that on average, prices have increased by about $ 466 in all colors. The supplement out 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited all-wheel advice on $ 41,240 purse to attach any additional options.

Toyota Sienna -2013-inside

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