2014 Toyota Auris

2014 Toyota Auris has a new look, so that the new 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid looks beautiful. Previous versions of this model was quite pensioners type so that Toyota simply surprised with its sharper and more aggressive Auris. And now is added the hybrid technology, we see a lot of positive things in this model.

Toyota Auris -Hybrid-2013-2

Such a modified Toyota got the better match between speed and engine speed. But it does seem that boring stuff where revolutions explode if you get out of the intersection quickly – just on some highways on the rise, so every time a pockmarked with thrash the engine noise.

Toyota Auris -Hybrid-2013-3

2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid got 98hp, 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine WTi, and electric motor combine to produce 134bhp. It weighs 1370kg – and do not forget that dithering CVT – so acceleration to 62mph takes sloppy 11.4 second. However Auris Hybrid is the most impressive stat is claimed MPG Manufacturers – it will fit 74.3 miles in galon. Electro petro-mix means that manage short trips in the fresh batteries (for 1.25 miles, at least …), and every time you coast or brake the jet gets updates. Since MPG, switching between power sources is tolerable and relatively unintrusive.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

The 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid is priced from £19,995, which is actually slightly cheaper than the last model, and this is the version that Toyota expect to dominate sales.

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