2013 Smart Electric Drive

Electric “smart”, it seems, is not much different view of children which are internal combustion engines. In addition, at present, branding obliged to suggest what kind of company it is and the color combinations that indicate that it is a “green” vehicle, nothing especially striking, the simple structure of the model “for this.” There’s even a cover of the fuel tank to the new feature, however, is used to hide the connection over which the “smart Electric” combines with the electric grid to supplement the lithium-ion batteries, with 16.5 Kwh. They are usually developed in the Tesla, an American company that improves their own electric cars, and an improvement over the previously “stored” energy is the fact that they can operate at ambient temperature and up to -25 degrees Celsius, unlike batteries from the first generation, which had to be heated to a certain “working” temperature and were kept in a separate enclosure.


 The battery is located in a place where the ordinary “smart” places the fuel tank, electric motor only “squeeze” the internal combustion engine, and additional seat, inside the tailgate, it was necessary to place the charging battery. Inside and outside, nothing has changed spectacularly in the “performance” to “Smart for Two”, a notable phenomenon is only one indicator of analog and digital current battery capacity and commitment of the system on the instrument panel and the central display. And the “power smart” is sitting high, so you need to stoop down and reach the key to start the set on the center console, after which the rotation happens – nothing. The motor is energized signals only start pointer on said display, and either pressing the accelerator brings no riskier sound, except hum produced by the engine. Infiltration into “drive” a simple lever, throttle and acceleration, however, reveals that which is clearly revealed in the technical data, which is that the “smart power”, the battery weighs much more than the “regular” (up to 140 pounds) , you feel the power that occurs in those moments. A “smart” when the accelerator pedal is “glued” to the floor, do not advanced compared to other cars, because the currently available torque of 120 Nm from standstill to 60 miles per hour arrives in 6.5 seconds, that is, for city driving conditions “of the traffic light to traffic light,” more than enough. A kind of “kick-Down” indicates that the engine needs maximum production of 41 horsepower, that the existing capacity of the battery can take two minutes. In normal mode, the engine produces 27 horsepower, and in these conditions, charging can be used for a trip of 135 miles, which is in daily use enough. The most beautiful of all is, of course, when you park this car and instead of thinking about going to the gas station, you simply attach it to the nearest outlet with a voltage of 220 volts …



You do not need to spend a lot of words and explain how “smart” with a length of more than 2.6 meters agile, and be proud and decent “feedback” on the steering wheel, which certainly means a lot to decisive maneuver in city traffic. Deficiency is quite evident on the foot brake pedal hard you should get used, which is particularly tricky because of the fact that the “Electric Drive” in the bustle absolutely silent, so it pedestrians who cross the street without realizing, indicating a need for further take into account and with eyes wide open, keep your fingers on the horn …

When the first “smart for that,” debuted 1998th years, many have wondered whether such a small car can be practical. Time and increased traffic congestion, and increasing demands for fuel efficiency and environmental preservation, it turned out to be, but the appearance of an electric “smart” has just confirmed that none of the former over a million customers a “simple” dwarf had not cheated and that future, bright and (or) “green”, just in front of him.


Battery capacity 15.5 KVH.

0-60 km / h 6.5 sec.

topspeed 100 km / h, el.ogr

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